Wereldpraatjes: How to Network as Yourself

Are you an international minded woman living in the Netherlands, who is looking:

  • For opportunities to connect with other International and Dutch women?
  • To learn and exchange ideas with and from other women
  • To grow your own personal network?

Then, look no further as Wereldpraatjes is here!

–Join us for our third networking event with the theme “How to Network as Yourself” on 16 September in The Hague–

Networking is the new way of job searching. Building a strong network around you is extremely important these days. It will increase your chances in finding your dream job. Networking also helps you in building strong relationships, sharing your experiences and successes and supporting other women.

And where to practice this new skill better than with your empowering Wereldpraatjes community?

In this edition you will learn how to network as yourself, finding your network style and becoming confident with it! We invited a networking specialist that will not only give you tips and tricks about successful networking but you will get the chance to directly practice your new skills.

Our networking specialist, Farah Coppola, founded Mind Elevators with the sole purpose to create a place where Young Professionals can connect, learn and grow together. As speaker and trainer she is dedicated to help professionals develop their communication and social skills. After graduating in European Public Affairs, she discovered the power of building a strong network and how to do this in an easy and comfortable way. She has a love for storytelling and believes that everyone can connect with stories. Farah is an expert in public speaking, networking and personal branding.

So are you ready to master your networking skills?

Join us on 16 September at Haley’s Comet (Piet Heinstraat 133) in The Hague. We start at 19.30, the program ends around 21.30. Buy your ticket here. Your first drink is included in the ticket!

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